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Guardian Mobility Introduces Best Value Service Bundles

Guardian Flight Plans (GFP) provide best-value, fixed monthly pricing for bundles of applications and communications services.

Ottawa, Ontario, May 26, 2011 – Guardian Mobility today announced the availability of Guardian Flight Plans (GFPs). GFPs are bundles of airtime and data services including Automated Flight Following (AFF), data communications and “back-office” applications (mapping, exceedances, data management, etc.) as a way for operators to easily manage their monthly costs. These bundles come in a variety of combinations at fixed monthly prices a lower “per message” costs.

According to Howard Pearl, Guardian’s President and CEO, “By providing fixed monthly service bundles, our customers are able to know their monthly costs and receive a better value for the services.” Pearl added that: “We’re listening, and we’re pleased to be able to respond with Guardian Flight Plans.”

In a related announcement, Guardian Mobility has acquired Alakai Technologies which brings Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM) to support Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance (MOQA) as part of a Safety Management System (SMS). Guardian Mobility has also recently announced new lower prices for their Guardian 1 and Guardian 3 AFF-compliant devices. These products support real-time aircraft position tracking and status monitoring through a global satellite communications network and suite of mapping and data management applications. “We want to be the best value leader in the industry.” stated Pearl “Our products must not only drive safer flight operations but better bottom lines for our operators as well”

Guardian Mobility Lowers Price on Automated Flight Following (AFF) Products

Guardian offers customers the best values on the market

Ottawa, Canada, May 26, 2011 – Guardian Mobility today announced lower hardware prices on its flight tracking products, the Guardian 1 and Guardian 3. These new prices, which make the most cost effective Automated Flight Following (AFF) system even better, have come in time for seasonal flying in North America. Also, Guardian Mobility has created bundles of ongoing services to deliver even better value to customers.

The portable Guardian 1 is Guardian’s smallest and least expensive AFF-compliant tracking device. The Guardian 3 product line includes both portable and fixed tracking devices with various antenna configurations to suit any requirement. The Guardian 3 also features an available alert button. To bring more value to its customers, Guardian Mobility has reduced the hardware prices on the Guardian 1 and Guardian 3 devices by up to 30%. These products are widely used by government contractors who require AFF on board their aircraft.

In addition to these new hardware prices, Guardian has implemented Guardian Flight Plans (GFPs). GFPs are bundles that combine “back-office” applications (mapping and data management) and communications so that each operator can select the optimal plan for their unique requirements. Howard Pearl, President & CEO of Guardian Mobility, says, “Guardian GFPs are going to make life easier for our customers by removing the guesswork of a variable monthly bill. They will know what to expect from month to month because they will get the services they need at a new, lower and fixed monthly price.”

Together, the new product prices and the GFPs are reflective of the company’s direction. Pearl added; “With the innovative products that are coming down the line this year and the new Guardian 7, it is clear that we want our customers to get value for their money. We’ve listened to them and we have responded.”

Guardian Mobility to Acquire Alakai Technologies

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May 10th, 2011

Flight Data Monitoring and Real-Time communication combination now accessible to small/medium sized aircraft operators representing a huge breakthrough for the industry.

Guardian Mobility today announced that they have signed a binding Letter of Intent to acquire Alakai Technologies, the company that introduced Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM) systems to a broad aviation market. Combined with Guardian’s open platform satellite communications system and advanced web portal, aircraft operators now have access to greater capabilities at a fraction of the cost compared to airline systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The combination of Alakai’s and Guardian’s technology will allow Guardian to provide fixed- and rotary-wing operators with unprecedented air transport level Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), professional analysis and management. This includes satellite tracking and communications providing for real-time exception notification and automated logs in one bundled service providing a complete Fleet Management Solution.

Alakai, founded by Brian Morrison, has been extremely successful with corporate flight departments and air-taxi firms and has launched FDM/ETM into the pilot training market with such notables as Purdue University. Guardian Mobility has provided the regional airline and utility helicopter markets with real time flight tracking and communication and is approved by government agencies for Automated Flight Following (AFF). While the two companies have cooperated in the past, this acquisition will provide greater value to the combined customer base through the close integration of their complementary monitoring and communications systems.

The new system can sample and record 80 to 200 flight and engine parameters for all aircraft, and performs embedded FDM and ETM throughout the flight. The data is stored within the system until the aircraft lands and the data is then transferred via wireless or broadband networks to a server for immediate replay, reporting and analysis. The system also uses a satellite communications network for real-time satellite tracking and the reporting of flight and engine parameter exceptions. This will provide aircraft operators with the capability to implement full Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance (MOQA) as part of a Safety Management System (SMS), which are now being mandated by many regulatory agencies around the world.

Howard Pearl, President and CEO of Guardian Mobility said: “What a game changer this is! We are providing a suite of tools that allow aviation managers to gain access to critical management metrics while creating safer operations. Our goal is to continue to add capabilities and sophisticated tools that give our operators a significant edge in flight operations management to improve their bottom line and safety.”

Brian Morrison, President of Alakai Technologies said: “We are thrilled to combine our proven flight data monitoring technology with Guardian’s unique communications and data management systems. The synergy will allow small and medium sized aircraft operators to benefit from tools that were previously only available to the larger airlines.”

Guardian Mobility, pioneers of AFF, is now the leading provider of cost effective, combined FDM/ETM, tracking and communication solutions.

Guardian’s New CEO: Howard Pearl

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April 6th, 2011

Howard PearlEarlier this week we announced the appointment of our new President & CEO, Howard Pearl (view the press release here.)

Welcome Howard!

Howard is a seasoned executive with a reputation for turning small businesses into multi-million dollar companies. Howard has a winning reputation along with a background in aviation, making him a huge asset to the company. In addition to being a pilot, Howard ran an FBO (fixed base operation) with a large fleet of aircraft in the past. In other words, our new leader has a passion for aviation!

Howard is originally from Ottawa, Ontario but has been living around the world (he currently resides in Shanghai, China). He will be coming back to his home town after 40 years of being away.

After sitting on the Guardian Mobility Board for several months, Howard knew that he could help the company grow in a positive way. He has already made a huge impact within the company: on employees, processes and direction alike. All the employees here at Guardian Mobility got a chance to spend some one-on-one time with Howard this week and got to know him on a personal level. The verdict? We like what we see. Howard is a firecracker both socially and in business: he is a pilot, and Guardian Mobility is about to take off!

Guardian to exhibit @ HAC 2011 in Vancouver

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March 22nd, 2011

Guardian 7 Photo

Guardian's latest data communications product, the Guardian 7, kicks of open systems strategy.

Guardian’s next stop will be in Vancouver at HAC 2011 Booth #432 from March 25-27. The new Guardian 7 will be on display at the booth and Guardian’s staff will be giving demonstrations of the web-based data management console.

This new product adds on the features that have attracted customers to Guardian’s product for years: small form factor, reliable data transmissions and easy installation. In addition, the Guardian 7 adds several new elements of functionality including an open platform that can be integrated with on-board applications and the ability to transmit data from existing sensors on-board the aircraft.

Don’t forget to stop by Booth #432 at HAC 2011 for demos, giveaways and to see this amazing product in person.

See you there!

Test flight…Success!

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March 4th, 2011

Test Flight Track

Test Flight Track

Since the launch of the Guardian 7 is here, I was inspired to go on a test flight of my own. Yesterday I packed went flying around Ottawa/surrounding area with my buddy Mike Venables (thanks for taking me!) on a Diamond Star. What a nice way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

Guardian @ Heli-Expo 2011

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March 2nd, 2011

We will be exhibiting at Heli-Expo 2011 in Orlando from March 6-8. Come stop by Booth #2907 for the release of our newest product, the Guardian 7, using 9602 Iridium technology.

The Guardian 7 is a full-featured system that has aircraft tracking, free-form text messaging and automated data transmission capabilities, all built into a small form factor.  This system is going to help operators reduce costs through timely, accurate data.

To request a meeting with a Guardian Mobility representative, please e-mail us at Otherwise please drop by our booth for demonstrations, prizes and to see what’s new!

Come see us at ATAC 2010!

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November 5th, 2010

Guardian’s finest will be exhibiting at ATAC 2010 in Vancouver from November 7 to 9. We’ll be showcasing Guardian’s full range of aircraft products: from our extremely portable Guardian 3, ideal for the AFF operator, to our full-featured Guardian 7 system, ideal for operators who require more information in near real-time. Come by BOOTH #404 and meet Jim Ballingall, Vice President of Sales, and Ian Stewart, Director of Sales, here at Guardian Mobility.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Guardian is granted Brazilian CHST on AS 350 and 355 models: Press Release

June 1st, 2010

Today we announced our latest Guardian 3 certification, a Brazilian CHST on AS 350 and 355 models. In addition to this certification we’ve started offering service to our customers in Portuguese, marking our commitment to our Brazilian customers. Check out our press release here. Also, you can read the Portuguese version by clicking on the following link: Brazilian Eurocopter STC Press Release (Portuguese).

Keep checking back for more developments across the globe!

Guardian to exhibit at the Alaska Airmen’s Association May 1-2

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April 30th, 2010

Our very own Ken Stewart (again!) will be exhibiting on Guardian’s behalf at the Alaska State Aviation Trade Show and Conference in Anchorage Alaska May 1-2, 2010. The trade show will take place in the Fed-Ex hangar, where Guardian Mobility will occupy booth #44.

If you’re planning on attending this event, stop by our booth to say hi to Ken and to explore our evolving product offerings. See you there!

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