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Guardian 7

The Guardian Mobility G7TM brings a new level of safety, automation, reliability and affordability to Flight Data Monitoring and SMS. The G7 provides the following:

  • Continuous monitoring and recording of up to 175 flight and engine parameters for complete systems coverage.
  • In-flight data analysis to detect parameter exceedances and out-of-limit operations for Flight and Maintenance Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA/MOQA).
  • Real-Time satellite communications to provide tracking and exceedance alerts.
  • Post-flight data analysis to spot trends in support of a proactive Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Engine trend data to support performance and maintenance analysis.

Save Money, Increase Safety

  • Be alerted immediately to abnormal operations and procedural short-cuts to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Create automatic, real-time alerts (via email, too) when aircraft cross pre-defined boundaries (“geofences”). This provides in-range notification for ground crews or an alert about an unplanned diversion.
  • Get accurate Out, Off, On and In (OOOI) times to reduce operational expenses.
  • robust
  • customizable
  • feature rich
  • partner integrated
  • end-to-end solution


Guardian 7 Hardware

The Guardian 7 hardware is the first building block of the system. The basic functionality of the unit is to record flight data and transmit alerts for out-of-limit parameters and aircraft tracking data, but works with the Guardian 7 User Interface and Partner on-board applications to send data from air to ground in real time. You can add both the User Interface and Partner applications to the Guardian 7 Hardware, or you can add them independently of each other to suit your needs.

The Guardian 7 runs on the Iridium satellite network.

Typical Recorded Parameters

  • GPS Position, Altitude, Speed, Time
  • Air Data Speeds, Temperatures, Altitudes
  • Flight Attitudes, Attitude Rates, Accelerations
  • Engine/Rotor Speeds, Torques, Temperatures, Fuel Flows, Pressures, Chip Detectors
  • Electrical Voltages, Currents
  • Flaps, Autopilot, Ice Protection, WoW, Stall, CAS Alerts, TCAS Alerts

Typical Installation

  • Weight: 9 lbs (4.1 Kg)
  • Power: 18 watts at 28vdc


Guardian PDA

The Guardian PDA is connected to the Guardian 7 Hardware and has two functionalities:

  • First, it enables the pilot to send 2-way text messages with the ground, both canned and free-form
  • Second, it provides templates for pilots to enter valuable information and send it in real-time, therefore eliminating paperwork and data entry


Guardian Mobility has existing partnerships with the manufacturers of on-board applications. This integration allows you to send data from their system through the Guardian 7.

Become a Guardian Mobility Partner

Whether you're a manufacturer of an on-board system for aircraft, a ground system for aircraft, or someone who wants to deliver more value to end customers, becoming a Guardian partner is worth looking into.

Our Guardian 7 has the ability to send data from on-board systems directly into existing ground systems with endless possibilities. The application programming interface (API) makes it easy for the Guardian 7 to talk to other technology, making Guardian Mobility the best choice for your data integration.

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Flightcell DZM External Antenna

External mount

  • Antenna is installed on the exterior of the aircraft with an unobstructed view of the sky
  • This antenna is approved for use by the FAA under a Technical Standard Order (TSO)


Built for Guardian by mapping experts, Guardian Mapping, Premium Edition, features rich data sets, including Microsoft Bing mapping data. It offers multiple map layers, including topography, current weather, and the ability to add custom data (locations, third-party and company-specific maps).

Guardian 7 Mapping Reports Guardian 7 Mapping Guardian 7 Mapping

Key Mapping Features:

  • Two-way messaging through the mapping interface
  • Map "trips" with takeoff and landing points automatically recognized
  • Use event based trip processing and select desired trip start and end tags
  • Generate useful reports, including total time and distance flown for any given period, and for any and all aircraft in a fleet
  • Create and edit customer landmarks, including air strips, landing pads and fuelling stations
  • Set geofences to be alerted when an aircraft strays into or out of a set zone
  • Additional map layers include current North American weather, Aeronautical charts and TAFs and METARs worldwide
  • Create custom map layers from third party or proprietary maps (for companies with mapped assets, like pipelines)
  • Export data into KML (Google Earth) format, to create a virtual fly-through of an existing flight
  • Securely rendered maps (256 bit encryption)
  • Search tools: search by latitude-longitude, and by ICAO codes for airports

Guardian Mobility Mapping Partners

Guardian Mobility products are also integrated with the following maps for your convenience:

Flight Explorer Flight Vector Trac Plus United States Department of Agriculture British Columbia Forest Service



  • With various configurations to mount your Guardian 7 User Interface for ease of use

Satellite Network

Iridium Sattelite Network

The Iridium satellite network has truly global coverage. The system is comprised of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that are evenly spaced around the planet, and is the only connection available in some parts of the world. This network is ideal for devices requiring two-way communication capabilities.



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