Heli-Expo 2016 was a huge success for Guardian Mobility. Our new G4 all-in-one track and 2-way messaging device garnered major attention from all visitors to our booth.  Some of the comments, “great price!”, “the size is just right for a portable device”and “just what I need for my AFF certification”.

We combine the G4 with our very cost effective air service plans and our web-based track/messaging platform to form a turnkey Automated Flight Following solution to individual fixed and rotary wing operators, law enforcement organizations and multi asset fleet operators large and small.

Rotary wing operators visiting our booth stated that having a ready made AFF solution makes it easier for them to fly on USFS contracts. Not bad!

We want to thank all of our existing customers that stopped by as well as all future customers who came to us! Thanks for making Heli-Expo 2016 a resounding success!