"Guardian is ahead of the curve, bridging the gap between technology and the aircraft systems."

The Guardian 7 can take data from on-board systems and send it to the ground in real-time to improve your business model. How?

Aircraft Operators

Text messaging - Send simple text messages with your pilots to be informed in real-time of schedule changes, delays and any other issues encountered by your aircraft.

Standard Templates - Standard templates are forms where pilots can enter critical information and send it to the ground in real-time.

Partner Program - Guardian's partner program allows other on-board applications to send data to the ground in real-time over our system.

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Aircraft System Manufacturers

There are a variety of on-board systems tailored to meet a variety of data needs of aircraft operators that act as data-loggers. Your end customers, aircraft operators, see additional value in having your data sent directly to the ground in real time. Become one of our partners and let us take your data further, faster.

Aircraft Manufacturers

As tracking and data become more widely used by aircraft operators, offer your customers the choice to have their aircraft equipped with the Guardian 7. Customers can build on this system over time with the Guardian 7 modules to turn a tracking device into a text messaging and data communications device.

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