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On-board systems that collect data on an aircraft are great, but wouldn't it be nice if that data didn't stop at the data-logging stage? Now aircraft operators in general aviation can have their data sent to the ground via machine to machine (M2M) communication so data can be accessed in real-time. This is good news for operators and the creators of on-board applications alike: timely data is more useful.

The Guardian 7 can help decrease the operational costs of your aircraft fleet with timely data. How?

"This solution is bringing an ACARS level system to general aviation. This solution is really going to save companies a lot of money."

Text messaging

By sending simple text messages with your pilots you can be informed in real-time of schedule changes, delays and any other issues encountered by your aircraft. Timely information will allow you to prepare for unexpected events and adjust operations accordingly.

Standard Templates

Guardian now offers standard templates where pilots can enter critical information and send it to the ground in real-time. Not only does this eliminate the need for paperwork and data entry, but the timeliness of information allows other departments to utilize this information right away.

Partner Program

Guardian's partner program allows other on-board applications to send data to the ground in real-time over our system. This allows you to find out what's going on with your aircraft while it is still in the air and better prepare on the ground side.

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