The G4 is a portable device that is easy to install and easy to use. Place it on the dash or other sky view location within the cockpit and plug the power cord into the auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter) port. Once powered on the unit will acquire the GPS and satellite services and begin tracking and be available for 2-way text messaging via the Bluetooth connection to the available smartphone or tablet inside the cockpit.

Individual satellite and GPS LED’s confirm signals are present and because the G4 is a 2-way text capable device, a Message Waiting LED is provided when the command / control center sends a message to the cockpit.

A dual function Alert/Mark button on the front of the unit makes it a simple action when needed to send out an alert or to “drop” a pin onto a map for reference by others or later for retrieval and after action reports.

G4 Key Attributes:

  • Tracking – AFF Certified
  • Satellite/GPS
  • 2-way text capable
  • Mobile App
  • Field Upgradeable
  • Portable or Fixed Installation
  • Mark/Alert Button
  • Built in Sensors
  • Barometer/Altimeter
  • Temperature
  • Degrees of Freedom (DOF)

The Guardian Mobility Mobile Application

The Guardian Mobility Mobile Application provides G4 control and communication capabilities from any smart phone or tablet with internet access. Operating inside the cockpit communication from these devices travel via Bluetooth 4.0 to the G4 for further action, e.g., send an alert, drop a pin and send/receive text messages from ground based operatives.