Highlights of the Guardian Mobility LEO Support Package

One contract to manage for all services.

The portability of the G4 device makes it easy to transfer the unit from aircraft to aircraft.

The price point for the G4 is the lowest on the market making it easy to fit into any budget. We also offer our LEO customers a favorable discount on all devices.

SilverEye Aviation is included and is the most comprehensive tracking platform on the market. Easy to setup, easy to use and has all of the tools required by law enforcement clear and accurate situational awareness from within the cockpit and on the ground inside the command / control center.

The available air service plans are designed to fit the exact mission parameters for each aircraft or operation. Each plan is capable of being manipulated up or down based on actual use and is configurable by each customer. Each plan can be suspended in the event of aircraft maintenance periods or seasonal operation.

We offer world class customer service combined with industry knowledge and experience.