Guardian Mobility’s Commitment to Airborne Law Enforcement Organizations

Airborne law enforcement operations play an integral role in the daily operations of all city, county, state and federal agencies assigned the role of keeping their respective citizens safe. In addition to the ISR missions, the airborne LEO fleets provide air emergency medical support to first responders during and after SAR operations, serious injury transport and overall incident scene management. The airborne operations fleets provide an ‘eye in the sky’ view of surveillance and criminal apprehension operations and also play an important part of the ground based assets routine patrol tours.

Real Solutions for Real World Problems.

Our solutions for the law enforcement community have been developed by listening to all of our many LEO customers. We take this input seriously and it shows in every solution package that we deliver.  Features and services derived from one-on-one conversations

  • Single contract for bundled services
  • Device/Tracking Application/Air Service Plans
  • Monitor and record all phases of flight
  • ‘In app’ chat capability between fleet operatives
  • Customized alerts can be shared within the tracking application and/or be sent via SMS, email for joint mission coordination

Guardian Mobility takes pride in providing the link between information technology and situational awareness requirements that go into the lifesaving and security services that law enforcement organizations (LEO’s) provide. We are especially proud of the efforts of our many law enforcement customers nationwide.

  • We are very proud of our long list of law enforcement and government aviation customers
  • We are solution driven – focused on providing business intelligence to maximize flight operation efficiency
  • We are North American based
  • We are known for our 5 star customer support
  • Our web based mapping application, SilverEye Aviation, operates from the web – no software installation necessary
  • Generate custom after action reports and animations and export to other analytic systems

The basic components that go into making a comprehensive LEO support solution:

  • Tracking/2-way text device – G4 w/Mobile App
  • Air, Sea and Land Solutions
  • SilverEye Aviation – Web based tracking application
  • GMI Air Service Plan

Details of each component:

Every one of our products have tracking and communication capabilities.

For the LEO package, the most popular device used for tracking is our G4 – A device designed to be an all-in-one tracking and communications device that fits most requirements now and is fully expandable for emerging requirements.