Guardian Mapping


Built using Google mapping technology, Guardian's mapping is intuitive and powerful, and allows operators to see their aircraft in real-time. It was designed to give operators the critical information they need, when they need it, with as few mouse clicks as possible.

  • Use a simple web interface to track multiple aircraft
  • Quickly enter a location to centre in the map, or use simple pan and zoom operations to navigate
  • Create simple geofences with ease, and set e-mail alerts for when an aircraft flies in or out of a predefined area
  • Choose from a typical map view, a satellite view, or a terrain view
  • Enhance operational efficiency and safety, by knowing current location and status of aircraft at all times
  • Track aircraft locations relative to a custom "point of interest"
  • Improve transparency and accountability for customers by showing them exactly where you flew and when
  • Map "trips" with takeoff and landing points automatically recognized
  • Generate useful reports, including total time and distance flown for any given period, and for any and all aircraft in a fleet
  • Save costs on scheduled maintenance by better tracking and reporting of flying time
  • Create and edit custom landmarks, including air strips, landing pads and fuelling stations
  • Set geofences to be alerted when an aircraft strays into or out of a set zone
  • See all standard map views including hybrid map/satellite views, and a detailed topography layer with elevations
  • Additional map layers include current North American weather.
  • Create custom map layers from third party or proprietary maps (for companies with mapped assets, like pipelines)
  • Export data into KML (Google Earth) format, to create a virtual fly-through of an existing flight
  • Securely data transmissions
  • Send and receive messages from the mapping interface
  • Poly-line geofences, to create detailed flight paths and more exact no-fly zones to be alerted when an aircraft strays from or enters a set area
  • Enhanced search tools: search by latitude-longitude, and by ICAO codes for airports
  • An aeronautical charts layer

Guardian Mapping, Mobile Edition


Perfect for any operator with people that need to know where aircraft are, without being tethered to a computer.


Guardian Mapping, Mobile Edition is an innovative mobile phone and PDA-based tracking application that enables aircraft owners, operational people and ground crew to know where their aircraft are from anywhere they have cellular or WiFi connectivity.

Designed by Guardian Mobility to complement its other mapping options, Mobile Edition takes advantage of the latest features and benefits of the Blackberry smartphones, iPhone, iPod Touch and can also work effectively from virtually any WiFi or Internet-capable smartphone.

  • Access to location and status of aircraft, from virtually anywhere with cellular or WiFi coverage
  • When your customer asks about the status of their flight, have the answers, literally at your fingertips
  • Set your mind at rest about the safety of your crew
  • A simple interface gives you just the information you need, when you need it, on your mobile device
  • A perfect complement to Guardian's other mapping editions
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Guardian Mobility products are also integrated with several other mapping systems.

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