If you are an operator who flies...

Scheduled Flights and Charter (Cargo and Passenger) or Business Jets

we recommend

Guardian 7 Logo

Its texting, data communications and tracking capabilities can help reduce the cost of your operations. This modular system allows you to start small and add functionality over time as your needs grow.

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If you are an...

Independent Government Contractor

we recommend

Guardian 3 Logo

Its basic tracking and AFF capabilities along with the portability and plug-and-play design is perfect for being transferred between multiple aircraft. With a choice between the Iridium and Globalstar satellite networks this product is perfect for meeting government mandate.

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If you are an operator who flies...

Air Ambulance or Search and Rescue

we recommend

Flightcell DZM Logo

Its voice capabilities coupled with the ability to send faxes over the Iridium network in real-time makes this an ideal product for the communication of critical information.

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If you are flying for...

Utilities Patrol

we recommend that you find out more about the different combinations of functionalities that were designed to meet your varying needs.

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