Become a Guardian Mobility Partner

Whether you're a manufacturer of an on-board system for aircraft, a ground system for aircraft, or someone who wants to deliver more value to your end customers, becoming a Guardian partner is worth looking into.

Why become a G7 partner?

Aircraft System Manufacturers

There are a variety of on-board systems tailored to meet a variety of data needs of aircraft operators that act as data-loggers. Your end customers, aircraft operators, see additional value in having your data sent directly to the ground in real-time. Become one of our partners and let us take your data further, faster.

Aircraft Manufacturers

As tracking and data become more widely used by aircraft operators, offer your customers the choice to have their aircraft equipped with the G7. Customers can build on this system over time with the G7 modules to turn a tracking device into a text messaging and data communications device.

Guardian API

Our G7 has the ability to send data between on-board systems and ground systems directly with endless possibilities. The application programming interface (API) makes it easy for the G7 to talk to other technology, making Guardian Mobility the great choice for your data integration. Integrate your application with the G7 API to market it to Guardian's worldwide customer base.

Do you want to add satcom capability to your device or application? Ask about the Guardian Mobility API.

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