Are you AFF-ATU Ready?  You Can be.

If you’re flying fire service missions you recognize the need for AFF (Automated Flight Following) technology to maintain safety and situational awareness. To be compliant and continue serving, an ATU (Additional Telemetry Unit) device is also required.

Let’s face it; new technology seems disruptive—it can add work, and make it hard to keep up. However, it also offers unique opportunities for operators and the teams that support them. Guardian Mobility’s G4 family suite of products has you covered with hardware and software—from walking to the aircraft to the drive home—all backed by superior customer support. G4 AFF devices automate the collection of data for logbooks, maintenance data, and flight tickets so you can get back to flying.

With the industry’s highest level of precision, complete flight detail from power-on to power-off is recorded for more accurate billing and maintenance documentation. Our solution saves you time, reduces inaccuracies and supports operational efficiencies while also maintaining safety.

Once equipped with AFF and ATU, aircraft location, bucket or tanks volume, drop information and velocity are tracked. The data is provided in near real-time to dispatchers, aviation managers, and other authorized users—offering critical insights to the team.

Like the whole G4 product family, Guardian Mobility’s G4MX device provides global, real-time user tracking and two-way messaging in a single unit. ATU and FDMS compliant, and field-upgradable, the G4MX is flexible and scalable, offering a streamlined migration path. Start with basic tracking and communication, and easily upgrade to advanced capabilities with the same device—saving time and money, because a new one need not be purchased.

Built with the new Iridium 9603N modem, the G4 product family ensures a reliable worldwide connection through current satellite systems, and is next-generation satellite ready, for tracking and texting.

G4s are certified AFF solutions that can be hard-mounted, but are small and portable for use in multiple aircraft, and are easy to use. Press a dedicated button to send AFF ALERT reports. Send a text in real-time—pre-formatted or free form—which can be viewed on any smartphone or tablet with our new Guardian Connect App.


Industry Leading Features

  • AFF Tracking Certified: Future-capability ready, upgrade without replacing the device
  • Configurable I/O Reports: Door open, Water bucket, etc. (ATU Two-Way Text: Convenient communications with dispatch
  • All in a single compact box
  • Mobile App: Bluetooth connectivity with any smartphone or tablet for two-way text messaging, diagnostics and more
  • Integrated Back-up Power: To send last message
  • Built-in Sensors: Temperature, rapid descent detection, etc.
  • MARK/ALERT Button: User selectable, allows cockpit crew members to send immediate position or alerts to the ground
  • Antenna Options: Internal and a variety of external options available
  • Configuration Changes: On the device using the Guardian connect app or over the air (OTA)
  • Field Upgradeable: Simple updates, no need to remove or return the device
  • Iridium NEXT built-in: Uses the latest 9603N modem compatible with Iridium Next generation satellite constellation


PHYSICAL – Size: W 150 mm x H 100 mm x D 33 mm Weight: 350 g (0.77 lbs) excludes optional mounting bracket


ENVIRONMENTAL – Operating temperature: -20 Deg C to +55 Deg C (-4 Deg F to +131 Deg F) Storage temperature: -40 Deg C to +80 Deg C (-40 Deg F to +176 Deg F)

MODEM – Iridium 9603N

SENSORS – Altimeter, 3 axis Accelerometer, 3 Axis Gyro, 3 Axis Magnetometer, Temperature

POWER –  9 – 28V 1A Maximum – Socket type power connector – Integral UPS for shut down messages

CONNECTORS –  USB A, Mini-B 2 x SMA (GPS, Iridium Antennas)

INTERFACE – Bluetooth 4 connectivity with all smartphones, tablets, laptops

TRACKING REPORTS – Configurable Position and Manual Position updates

MESSAGES – Preformatted (up to 99) & Free Form Text messages (up to 150 characters each message)

ANTENNAS – Internal and external antenna options (GPS, Iridium) GPS 66 Channel ultra high tracking sensitivity (-165 dbM) receiver

Patch Antennas

Patch antennas

  • GPS and iridium puck style non-magnetic Antennas are connected to the exterior of the device using SMA/SMB connectors
  • The Antennas can be positioned in the cockpit for optimum satellite reception, and removed with the G4 after the flight
External Mount Antennas

External mount

  • Antenna is installed on the exterior of the aircraft with an unobstructed view of the sky
  • Best suited for situations where the antenna must be securely fastened to the exterior of the aircraft permanently
  • This antenna is approved for use by the FAA under a Technical Standard Order (TSO)


  • The G4 is a portable device or fixed mount


Optional accessories

  • Talk to your Guardian Mobility sales representative or reach out to one of our valued international partners to discuss other options you may require. Our Dealer Network