G7 Device
The Guardian Mobility G7 brings a new level of safety, automation, reliability and affordability to Flight Data Monitoring and SMS. The G7 provides the following:

  • Continuous monitoring and recording of flight and engine parameters for complete systems coverage.
  • Real-Time satellite communications to provide tracking and exceedance alerts.
  • In-flight data analysis to detect parameter exceedances and out-of-limit operations supporting Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Maintenance Operational Quality Assurance (MOQA) programs.
  • Post-flight data analysis to spot trends in support of a proactive Safety Management System (SMS).
  • Engine trend data to support performance and maintenance analysis.

Save Money, Increase Safety

  • Be alerted immediately to abnormal operations and procedural short-cuts to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Create automatic, real-time alerts (via email, too) when aircraft cross pre-defined boundaries (“geofences”). This provides in-range notification for ground crews or an alert about an unplanned diversion.
  • Get accurate Out, Off, On and In (OOOI) times to reduce operational expenses.

The G7 hardware is the first building block of our FDM solution. The basic functionality of the unit is to record flight data and transmit alerts for out-of-limit parameters and aircraft tracking data. It works with the G7 User Interface and Partner on-board applications to send data from air to ground in real time. You can add both the User Interface and Partner applications to the G7 Hardware, or you can add them independently of each other to suit your needs.

The G7 runs on the very reliable Iridium satellite network.

Typical Recorded Parameters

  • GPS Position, Altitude, Speed, Time
  • Air Data Speeds, Temperatures, Altitudes
  • Flight Attitudes, Attitude Rates, Accelerations
  • Engine/Rotor Speeds, Torques, Temperatures, Fuel Flows, Pressures, Chip Detectors
  • Electrical Voltages, Currents
  • Flaps, Autopilot, Ice Protection, WoW, Stall, CAS Alerts, TCAS Alerts

Typical Installation

  • Weight: 9 lbs (4.1 Kg)
  • Power: 18 watts at 28vdc

External Mount Antennas

External mount

Antenna is installed on the exterior of the aircraft with an unobstructed view of the sky
This antenna is approved for use by the FAA under a Technical Standard Order (TSO)


With various configurations to mount your G7 User Interface for ease of use


G7 Data Sheet