The new G4 is the latest addition to Guardian Mobility’s Aircraft Business Intelligence™ portfolio. It provides users with configurable tracking intervals, alerts, real-time status and the ability to send and receive text messages to and from the device via a Bluetooth connection with smartphones or tablets.

The G4 is a cost effective, feature rich tracking and communications solution that can be configured to fit almost any fleet operator’s requirements. The G4 exceeds today’s Automated Flight Following (AFF) specifications and is designed to meet the new AFF requirements. When combined with Guardian Mobility’s web based SilverEye Aviation mapping application, it provides a seamless approach to aircraft management and monitoring.

Key Features 

·         Tracking – AFF ·         Two-way Text
·         Mobile App ·         Mark/Alert Button
·         Field Upgradeable ·         Portable or Fixed Installation
·         Configurable I/O Ports ·         Integrated Back-up Power for Last Message