Aircraft Business Intelligence

  • Aircraft Status at a Glance
    – Includes location, altitude, landed status and more
  • Pre-configured with Points of Interest
  • New Standard Maps & Overlays
    – Flight Charts, TFR, METAR, TAF, and others
  • Optimized to Work on Any Smartphone or Tablet
  • Two-way Text Messaging Within the Application

SilverEye Aviation

Take the complexity out of managing your operation

  • Smart Wall – Split screen capability allows for visual tracking of multiple aircraft operation
  • Custom views fully configurable to individual user needs
  • Reports – Generate custom reports and export to other analytic systems
  • Alerting – Customized alerts that can be shared with other SilverEye Aviation™ users and/or be sent to any email or telephone number
  • Track Air, Sea and Land Assets on single pane of glass


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