GMI Connect App

In-flight, smart phone access for robust communication any time, any where.

A comprehensive app that supports the G4 family of products and is designed to run on a users Android or Apple (iOS) smartphone or tablet.

GMI Connect App

Key Features

  • 2-way messaging
  • Manual point of interest
  • Status of GPS and Iridium signal
  • Setup of FDMS logs and GPS position report interval
  • Configuration of ATU reporting in aerial firefighting


The GMI Connect App complements and supports the G4 and G4MX products and is designed to run on the user’s Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. The GMI Connect App communicates with the G4/G4MX products via Bluetooth and allows for aircrews to send and receive freehand and pre-formed text messages, edit pre-formed text messages, initiate point of interest of current position and alert reports, configure the G4/G4MX for Automated Flight Following (AFF), Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU) reports, FDMS logging and External input triggered mapping events.

GMI Connect App showing Aircrew Modes and Admin/Maintenance mode GMI Connect App screens G4/G4C/G4MX2 and GMI Connect App Screens G4C only