Satellite and cellular airtime

Customized and personal service providing aviation satellite and cellular airtime plans

Satellite and cellular airtime

Key Features

  • No contract with suspend and change plan flexibility
  • Short Burst Data (SBD): A simple and efficient satellite network for transmitting short data messages for tracking, monitoring and sharing data with remote assets.
  • Push-To-Talk (PTT) Voice: Group communication similar to an all-informed radio channel, for fast coordination amongst teams that is enhanced by low-latency network reliability.
  • Circuit-Switch Voice: Just like using your cell phone to make calls to anyone in the world, but this service harnesses the power of the Iridium network for reliable global communications.
  • Iridium BURST: One-way broadcast messaging that can be sent to multiple devices simultaneously and at a significantly lower cost than SBD.
  • Globalstar airtime reseller
  • Cellular voice and data services on all networks worldwide that is free of expensive roaming charges
  • Monthly billing, no long-term contracts and flexible customized plans
  • Leasing options available


We make getting the most cost-effective airtime package for your operation straightforward. A direct reseller of multiple satellite airtime providers and cellular networks, GMI serves the aviation, military, government and other market segments. Years of experience means you benefit from customized, flexible plans that can be used for any airtime application. Our long-term relationships with government entities have taught us how to make the often complex procurement process simple. You can add devices to the network exactly when you need them through our provisioning portal, which means there’s no need to call GMI support. With both satellite and cellular connectivity, your operation has the ability to communicate in even the most remote areas.