A device with external TSO antenna option and DO-160G Certification.

The G6-S provides an IP data platform for any aviation asset and guarantees connectivity worldwide.



  • 88/88 kbps Satellite Terminal
  • External antenna
  • Truly Global
  • DO-160G and MilSpec components
  • Encryption
  • External Iridium and GPS antenna
  • Uninterrupted power
  • Multiple interfaces - Wi-Fi, RS232 & Analogue/digital I/O's, ARINC429 for FDM
  • Background IP
  • 13 PIN MIL-SPEC connector
  • Voice, VOIP & PTT
  • Real-time image, health monitoring, telemetry and exceedances
  • Automated Flight Following
  • Enhanced aerial firefighting


The G6-S terminal utilizes a bi-directional mid-band 88kbps CST Modem for use with the Iridium Certus® Satellite network. It uses IP data protocol and has multiple interfaces, such as Wi-Fi to ensure simple application integration. The DO-160G and MilSpec design have made it the ideal solution for UAVs and Drones that require Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) critical telemetry.