Guardian Mobility is the security that English Air Service, LLC depends on with tracking our aircraft while they are out working nationwide. To have the peace of mind, knowing we can track our aircraft, receive texts and emails letting us know when our pilots take off, land or have an issue is something we definitely do not take for granted. In our fleet of helicopters, knowing we are under the eye of Guardian Mobility is a comfort we won’t do without.”

Mark English
Director of Operations
English Air Service, LLC

My experience with [Guardian Mobility] equipment has been excellent. We have been using the G3 and G4 satellite equipment for more than 10 years on nine aircraft and their positional accuracy is formidable. Their failure rate is incredibly low, and for this reason, they are very reliable and require very little maintenance.”

César Jara
Director General
Consorcio Aeroaméricas C.A.

Invair provides the largest drone fleet-tracking program for utility companies in the USA and operates with multiple service providers and types of equipment. Real-time (4 sec) reporting for accurate understanding of operations, as part of the FRAT, post-flight review, complaint resolution etc., is critical to utility companies maintaining their power infrastructure. Guardian Mobility is our main supplier of both hardware, airtime and web-based platform services, and we have worked together in partnership for many years. Guardian understand the time sensitive criticality of providing services and have an excellent 24/7 support desk, as well as very quick repair turnaround. This, coupled with cost-effective high-end capability, makes them our choice as the main supplier of aviation services now and in the coming years.”

Mike Hanning
Invair Inc.

United Rotorcraft’s has had an excellent experience with Guardian Mobility. It is a relationship that began just a few years ago with the start of our FireHawk program. Our relationship has been a very good one in that we have had two excellent sales reps who have treated us like part of the family. Our requests are answered promptly, and our orders filled quickly. We look forward to many more years of good service.”

Debbie Rowe
United Rotorcraft
An Air Method Division

Whether I’m offshore out of sight of land, on a remote island off Baja, Mexico, or working deep in the mountains with no cell coverage, it’s comforting to know base ops is always keeping a GUARDIAN EYE on me.”

Jean Paul Robinson
English Air Service, LLC

Aspen Helicopters takes great pleasure in recommending Guardian Mobility and its products to any potential customer. We have been using Guardian Mobility for many years now and find that the products have stood the test of ruggedness and reliability in the demanding helicopter operational environment.

Guardian Mobility has an excellent support staff, and I especially appreciate the extremely knowledgeable and helpful Anderson Asquenazi. I have had many text/email/phone conversations with Anderson on weekends and holidays, and he is always ready to help with issues that arise in the field. He has even called “in between” airports to assist in fixing some problems. That is the very definition of customer support.

Beginning with MapTracs and now SilverEye Aviation for our tracking map displays, I can heartily recommend them. The high-resolution displays, coupled with ease of use and ability to add and subtract various layers has been outstanding. Whether TFR’s or weather, terrain or even street maps with traffic, the SilverEye Aviation map display is superb. Its ability to be displayed on tablets, and even smartphones enhances our ability as a company to know where aircraft are at any time and from any place.

The reports section is also outstanding, so that our accounting and maintenance personnel can track off and on times, amount of flying for the period, and even for recreating a flight if the need arises.

So again, we thank you for the excellent service, and we will continue our relationship with Guardian Mobility as future government requirements and capabilities are added to our devices.”

R L “Rick” Throckmorton
Vice President Director of Operations
Aspen Helicopters

Our company, Forest Protection Limited, has been a customer of Guardian Mobility for about 14 years. In that time, we have incorporated their goods and services across our entire fleet of aerial forest protection aircraft.

Because of Guardian’s innovation, their commitment to providing reliable products and services and their support staff who always show strong knowledge in supporting those products and services, we continue to incorporate their technology with ours.”

Gerry Cormier
Information Services Manager
Forest Protection Limited