Guardian Mobility, a leading industry supplier for tracking avionics, is pleased to offer a bundled solution to get you up and running with Automatic Flight Following (AFF). For one low fee per month you will receive our portable G3 tracking unit with antenna. Cost effective air service plans can be added.

  • Rental program means NO CAPEX!
  • AFF certified
  • Tracking unit is easily installed, no STC required
  • Rent to Own program available
  • Full credit from your rental towards an outright purchase

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Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) & Implementation and Operations (I&O)

We offer fully managed Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) analytics and an Implementation and Operations (I&O) plan that will enhance safety performance, increase economic efficiency, create a competitive advantage and foster continuous quality improvements for your organization. These services are part of the end to end FDM solution offering which delivers a High ROI: Investment payback as soon as 6 months.

Our FDM services incorporate the industry’s leading edge technologies providing you with a fully automated FDM program that has a proven track record, a fast and efficient set up process and a customizable and robust analytics tool provided by recognized industry experts. The Implementation and Operations (I&O) plan will get your FDM program up and running in very short-order. As an added value the I&O becomes your FDM manual once the program is implemented which can effortlessly be incorporated into your SMS manual.

Fully Managed FDM Analytics

  • Proactively monitoring your FDM program by a team of professional experts.
  • Will save time and resources by analyzing the data, processing the information and reporting the results.
  • Establish and continuously maintain your event set
  • Host regular review meetings.

Flight Data Monitoring Implementation and Operations (I&O) Plan

  • Produces the FDM Operations Manual
  • The most cost effective method to get your FDM program in place
  • A proven track record, delivering results in just a few short months!

Training and Consulting

We offer training and consulting packages to help you get the most out of our products. Remote instructor-led training and on-site training are available for all Guardian Mobility products and services. We also offer consulting services to customize a solution for you that will improve your operations. Please e-mail us at services@guardianmobility.com to request a quote.

Mapping Training

Guardian has a two-stage map training approach:

Introductory Training: Covers the features of the map for users.

Advanced Training: Covers system preferences of the map for administrators.

Product Training

Training is available on any of Guardian’s products for you and your staff.


Let us help you by analyzing your existing operations and customizing a Guardian Mobility end-to-end solution to meet your business needs and reduce your operational costs.