Guardian Mobility Enters Iridium Certus Market

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October 15, 2021

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Guardian Mobility is now offering a range of Mid-Band Iridium Certus® products and services enabling faster communications to address a gap in the market. Guardian has significantly invested in developing a mid-band full enterprise ecosystem of products, networks, applications, billing and airtime services. Iridium is the only satellite provider offering mid-band satellite services, allowing Guardian to offer advanced capabilities at unprecedented cost.

Guardian has been selected as a Certus® airtime service provider from a small group of companies to provide both land and aviation airtime services.

Accompanying the new services, Guardian has introduced the G6, a new satellite Iridium Certus® terminal designed for aviation applications. Operators can now solve their most complex operational problems with application solutions, and Guardian has heavily invested in a unique network architecture and airtime/billing service ensuring secure and reliable communications. With end-to-end solutions for their direct customers, and modular solutions available for distribution partners, Guardian is offering a cohesive suite of Certus offerings.

“Mid-band Certus® is a real game-changer,” said Stephane Momy, COO for Guardian Mobility. “We are able to support capabilities such as streaming video, automated flight following, flight data monitoring, real-time images and health monitoring, and more whilst significantly lowering operational cost.”

Giles Peeters
Business Development Director
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About Guardian Mobility

Guardian Mobility Inc. (GMI) was established in 2002 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. What began as an aviation global tracking and data monitoring company has now grown to an end-to-end product and service portfolio and market leader. In September 2018, GMI was acquired and is now part of a group of aviation technical service providers that has brought experience and investment in new technology and services to take GMI to the next level. Today, GMI has more than 200 clients in 20 different countries, and although aviation is our specialty, we also provide to specialized land organizations.