Hardware Comparison Chart

GMI integrates various products, services and applications to provide functionality as shown below:

Key FeaturesG6G6SG4G4CG4 MX2DZMGL300Iridium Extreme
Self contained unit with internal antenna
External antennas
Satellite Data + Text Mgs
Satellite VOICE
Push to Talk (PTT)
Dual Satellite & Cellular
Cellular Only
Portable plug and play option
Fixed installation
FunctionalityG6G6SG4G4CG4 MX2DZMGL300Iridium Extreme
Real-time satellite or cellular GPS Flight Following anywhere in the world
Field upgradable by plugging in USB, 4 minute upgrade
Dedicated Mark position button on the device and app to show points of interest such as real time fire boundaries
Emergency alerting from aircraft via Text Msg / Email or alert in Operations Centre. Alerts received within 30 seconds of activation
Two-way Text message from aircrew to ground personal or vice versa
Bluetooth Connection
WiFi Connection
Maintenance free (no battery) backup power to send last message after loss of power or engines shut off. Alert and text messages sent to verify completed flight and power off
Mobile application allowing aircrew full access to satellite communications devices via Bluetooth
Analog inputs for sensor integration such as real time engine temperature or fuel levels
Configurable INPUT/OUTPUT (door open/oil pressure alert, engine on or off, wheels up or down, etc.)
Variable tracking dependant on movement
Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU) with bucket, Tank and Combo real-time information
Serial interface for advanced data trasfer in real time
Flight Data Monitoring System (FDMS) LOG to ensure real time fault finding and rectification
FDM Light functionality to provides
Build-in Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) that can provide an estimation of an aircrafts orientation such as pitch, roll, and yaw. AHRS inertial sensors are commonly used in robotics and unmanned vehicle navigation
Rapid ascent/descent alerting
Data storage of all aircraft flight parameters which can be used for air safety evaluation
Real-time exceedances such as over stress on airframe
Automatic wireless upload of flight data when aircraft has LTE connectionHRS data
Secure AES256 voice and data